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Games22 Nov 2005 12:26 pm

Around 4-5 days back, I finished Quake IV. After that, I always thought of writing a sort of follow up review – but didn’t have the time. You can read the earlier short review here. Today I managed some time, and here it goes: Overall, I liked this game. This is a proper sequel to […]

Games31 Oct 2005 02:41 am

Now that I have played Quake 4 for more than a couple of hours – here is a short first impression: The storyline seems consistent. In Quake II, you are a lone marine and that lone marine has just killed the Strogg leader. In this game, you are just a soldier and your name (unless […]

Games29 Oct 2005 12:02 pm

Miscellanious/games/Quake4/shot00001.jpgToday finally I got a copy of Quake 4, installed it and started the game. But these days I cannot devote much time to gaming. Played for around 10 minutes – started the game in a relatively higher difficulty. Soon, as I was lying dead, I realized my gaming skills are a little rusty :(. […]

Computers and Games10 Aug 2005 02:46 pm

Dungeon Siege was the first RPG (of some sort) that I have played. Before that RPGs like Diablo II, Baldur’s Gate etc never really attracted me. I remember few people in IITK used to play Diablo like crazy and that always surprised me. Dungeon siege, even many would not give the game proper credit as […]

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