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Computers and Games13 Aug 2004 06:10 pm

After 4 hours of play yesterday and a couple of hours today, finally I am done with Doom III. Let me summarize the experience. Around 10 days back, when I first played the game, I had written a small review kind of thing. I stick to it even now. The graphics is extremely good, though […]

Computers and Games07 Aug 2004 02:40 am

What are the odds that you won’t find a duct-tape in a huge hi tech complex as portrayed in Doom ? Very small I would say. Now if you are one of them, who thinks that if there was any way to bind the flashlight to the barrel of the gun… voila : use the […]

Computers and Games and Technology03 Aug 2004 02:29 pm

… This game is scary to say the least. Till now I have played only a little, and here are few first impressions: 1. Graphics: As a person with little bit knowledge in computer graphics, I am really amazed at the light/shadow effect that the engine is able to produce. The realtime refraction from glass […]

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