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MoBlog22 Nov 2005 08:15 pm

Here is a shot of the dash board while I was drivings back from Los Angeles on 17 th November. MoBlog»

Games22 Nov 2005 12:26 pm

Around 4-5 days back, I finished Quake IV. After that, I always thought of writing a sort of follow up review – but didn’t have the time. You can read the earlier short review here. Today I managed some time, and here it goes: Overall, I liked this game. This is a proper sequel to […]

Miscellaneous19 Nov 2005 03:21 am

I am hosting a recipe collection here for my friends. So far I have only two – and I have uploaded them. Click on the Recipes link on the top to see them. They are also regular blog posts – and hence they are accessible from the blog entries as well. If you have some […]

Persian and Recipes19 Nov 2005 03:12 am

Here’s the recipe for Salad-e Olivieh (Olivieh Salad), an easy- to-make and delicious Persian (side) dish. It’s similar to chicken salad here in the U.S., but it’s richer and I find it tastier. Submitted By Daniel V Serving (4 servings) Ingredients Chicken, 400 grams Potatoes, 500 grams Medium onions, 2 Medium eggs, 3 Green peas, […]

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