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MoBlog22 Nov 2005 08:15 pm

Here is a shot of the dash board while I was drivings back from Los Angeles on 17 th November. MoBlog»

Car Related and MoBlog09 Oct 2005 01:15 am

Here is a photo of the odometer: Car Related» MoBlog»

MoBlog08 Oct 2005 09:15 pm

Subhra and me had lunch at this restaurant named Amici at Encinitas. I was served a drink in this ethnic looking glass. The high point of the lunch was the dessert. ummmmm. MoBlog»

California and MoBlog and Travel23 Sep 2005 09:15 pm

I was soooo tired last night that it was well past 10 when I woke up. It made me sad – as being late in starting was one of things that I don’t want to do. I got ready as fast as I could. The motel that I was sleeping in offered free breakfast from […]

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