Now that I have played Quake 4 for more than a couple of hours – here is a short first impression:

  • The storyline seems consistent. In Quake II, you are a lone marine and that lone marine has just killed the Strogg leader. In this game, you are just a soldier and your name (unless other Quake games, here you actually have a name) is Matthew Kane. This time around your duty is to follow orders towards the bigger goal of ground operation for securing and capturing the planet Strogg.
  • So far, the combat have been good. I am playing one level below the hardest one – and the enemy AI is pretty much non-existent. A significant amount of time you will not play alone – you will be accompanied by your fellow marines. They are pretty competent. But so far, I haven’t seen any great teamwork. Also, each teammate looks different, have a different voice and if you click on them (sometimes multiple times) they will usually say something relevant (and funny sometimes).
  • Weapons: So far, I have the useless blaster (as you get a machinegun within seconds of starting the game), the machinegun, shotgun, grenade launcher and a nailgun (remembering Quake 1 days). Usually my favorite is the shotgun – but around this time the shotgun is a little disappointing. I am mostly using the machine gun so far.
  • Enemies: I have encountered Grunts, Gunners and Berserks – from the original Quake II so far. They are richly modeled and seemingly a little more powerful.
  • Gameplay: Pretty good so far. In addition to the usual combat thing, you have escort and protect missions also. Sometimes you need to meet up with your teammates. And once I had to clear an area of turrets from a moving truck. It was fun and challenging.
  • Graphics: The atmosphere almost looks and feels the same way as Doom III. But Doom III was much darker and meaner. This one has a light touch on it. So, the graphics is not mind-blowing, but not bad either.
  • Sound: I am not qualified to comment as I have been playing this in a laptop with headphones. But I have no complaints. It is quite good (at least for me) actually. You feel the action.
  • First Impression Summary: Just another first person shooter. I am a little disappointed – but I am not exactly sure what I was expecting. But sure, it has some sentimental values for me.

Here are some new screenshots:

Miscellanious/games/Quake4/shot00006.jpg Miscellanious/games/Quake4/shot00007.jpg Miscellanious/games/Quake4/shot00008.jpg
Miscellanious/games/Quake4/shot00009.jpg Miscellanious/games/Quake4/shot00010.jpg Miscellanious/games/Quake4/shot00011.jpg
Miscellanious/games/Quake4/shot00012.jpg Miscellanious/games/Quake4/shot00013.jpg Miscellanious/games/Quake4/shot00014.jpg
Miscellanious/games/Quake4/shot00015.jpg Miscellanious/games/Quake4/shot00016.jpg Miscellanious/games/Quake4/shot00017.jpg
Miscellanious/games/Quake4/shot00019.jpg Miscellanious/games/Quake4/shot00021.jpg Miscellanious/games/Quake4/shot00023.jpg