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Code and Software18 Oct 2005 07:22 pm

Consider this situation: You are living in an apartment with two/three other people and you share the expenses (grocery, electric bill, rent etc) with them. Sometimes you do the grocery, and X pays the rent, and Y pays the cable bill etc etc. Sometimes it becomes a little tedious at the end of the month […]

Code and Software06 Oct 2005 03:47 pm

I use firefox – so this problem was not apparent to me. But someone told me that she had some problems seeing the map integration. I checked, and indeed! The page did not work in IE. (Why do people use IE anyway?). Fiddled a littl bit – and finally got it working with IE. But […]

Computers and Software06 Oct 2005 12:00 pm

I cannot but report this. Google has confirmed that it will launch free online word processor and spreadsheet. I am too excited about this. Google is the company which relies on innovation, and I am eagerly waiting to see what features they include in these two widely used applications. Will Google be able to make […]

Code and Computers and Software and Technology06 Oct 2005 03:02 am

I had this thought for a long time now – since the time I had seen the google map api. Today I had some free time during the day, and I decided to give it a go. I was fumbling around the gallery code – trying to find out how to extract the list of […]

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