Miscellaneous 18 Mar 2008 12:09 am

2X1W7654, originally uploaded by siddharthasaha.

Me and Sundeep went to this place after work today. We lost our way and missed the beautiful sunset. I tried to take some photos for HDR merging later, but they didn’t come out well. This one was straight from the camera with little sharpening and curves/contrast adjustment.

(Testing a blog post from Flickr).

Website 28 Aug 2007 07:33 pm

… this I have been planning to do for quite some time. Finally, did it. All the Google cached search results will break, but hopefully they will be restored later. This reduced the clutter in the photo albums a lot. Hopefully all my friends will like it.

PhotoBlog 17 Oct 2006 07:52 pm

This is a simple shot of a fire hydrant taken with Sigma 30mm F/1.4 lens. I was surprised by the result. The shot was taken is almost near darkness, at night. I am really impressed as to what this camera can do.

PhotoBlog 17 Oct 2006 07:26 pm

The Flower
I realized that my photo album has increased to a size which is not quite manageable anymore. I will start a section/album where I will put only the photos which I think is the cream of the lot. Starting this one. This is one of the first daylight shot with the wonderful Canon EF 135mm F/2.0L lens. Beautiful color. The flower was a rather simple looking flower – but the picture came out pretty nice. Sometimes having a good equipment can really help.


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