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MoBlog and Travel20 Sep 2005 07:15 pm

Today I started this long drive from Seattle to San Diego. I could have driven straight through I-5 and it would have taken me around 20-22 hours to reach San Diego and I could have done it in 2 days. I know a student from UCSD (he was also doing an internship at Amazon) who […]

Hiking and MoBlog and Pacific Northwest and Travel18 Sep 2005 04:15 am

Well, I finally made it. I am sitting at the bottom of Bridal Veil Falls. It is absolutely gorgeous. The first time I saw the picture of this falls, I knew I have to come here. But still, I had to wait till the my last day in Seattle (or maybe second last, if I […]

Pacific Northwest and Travel05 Sep 2005 11:12 pm

Man, it was cold last night. It was the coldest of the three nights. The temperature had dropped below freezing point. In the morning, we saw there were ice formed on the car. I have never slept in a sleeping bag in a tent in this kind of weather. I was pleasantly surprised that I […]

Pacific Northwest and Travel05 Sep 2005 08:50 pm

We woke up to the fresh sunshine in the morning. Matteo had brought some yogurt – which seemed quite unusual for a camping trip. But in breakfast, with hot tea, cookies and cereal bars, they were awesome. I am seriously planning to take some yogurt in my next camping trip. So, after the wonderful breakfast, […]

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