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Car Related16 Sep 2005 12:54 pm

PhotosoftheCarA few family and relatives back in India, including my father and Sonali have asked me to send some pictures of the car. So here is an which has some of the nice (or so I think) photos of the car. In doing so, I also did a first hands on experiment with the photo […]

Car Related and MoBlog15 Sep 2005 12:15 am

I cannot believe the amount of driving that I am doing these days. Today the car touched this 12000 mile mark. Car Related» MoBlog»

Car Related and MoBlog01 Sep 2005 06:15 am

Just for my personal records: I have already driven two thousand miles and it is not even two months yet. I bought the car at 9036 miles. Car Related» MoBlog»

Car Related and MoBlog13 Aug 2005 02:41 am

Here is a photo that I took with my cell phone. Car Related» MoBlog»

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