Spring ’05

  • CSE 240B: Advanced Computer Architecture:

    Dean Tullsen is definitely one of the best teachers that I have met here in UCSD. This class was one of those exceptional classes in which you learn a lot of things. I enjoyed this course immensely. We had two exams, paper readings and summaries, and a project. Subhradyuti and me worked on soamthing called “Analysis of and Dynamic Page Remapping Technique to Reduce L2 Misses in an SMT Processor”. As a part of this research topic, I also worked on the SMTSIM package, which is a simulator for SMT processors. You can find the project presentation here.

  • CSE 291: Graphics and Simulation:

    Another great class which I liked a lot. This class was more focused on simulation methods. There were a lot of interesting things to learn. I worked on Fracture of Brittle Materials. The most interesting part was the implementation – which finally worked and properly simulated the breaking of a glass plate and a bowl. You can view more details here

Winter ’05

  • CSE 200: Computabilty and Complexity:

    I used to think that I am good at Complexity – but maybe years of being out of touch from Computer Theory had changed that. I struggled quite a bit in the beginning of the class, and it took me a while to get used to it again. Finally, I was glad that it was over.

  • CSE 222A: Computer Communication Network:

    This is one course from which I learned very little – primarily because I had taken a number of Networking courses in my undergraduate college. One interesting thing that this course offered to me was the projects. We had to build an web server in the first part of the project and then we had to evaluate its performance in the second part of the project. I teamed up with Shan Yan and Yanhua Mao, and we delivered three different web servers – one multithreaded Linux web server, one multithreaded windows web server, and one single threaded windows webserver. Also, we did a project on Phoenix Disaster Recovery System and proposed some modifications – which were pretty cool. Even if I did not learn anything from the course per se, the workload was terribly high. Implementation project + research project + paper reading and summary + exam + mini-conference at the end of the quarter = Amin Vahdat is merciless :(

Fall ’04

Spring ’04

  • CSE 168: Rendering Algorithms:

    This was one of the most satisfying courses that I had taken in UCSD. I also won the first prize in the final rendering competition and received a Sony PlayStation II along with two PS2 games, which, given that I am an avid fan of video games, is really cool.

  • CSE 252B: Computer Vision II:

    This was a really interesting course taught by Serge Belongie. I was forced to learn MATLAB for this course, which I should have done long time back.

Winter ’04

Fall ’03

  • CSE202 – Algorithm Design and Analysis:

    Final project was a review on ‘How bad is Selfish Routing’. Here is the report (PDF).

  • CSE 221: Graduate Operating Systems:

    The final project of this course was a survey on ‘Distributed File Systems’. Here is the final project report (PDF) .

  • ECE 284 – Special Topics:

    This course was a special topics course taught by my advisor Prof Bill Lin. We studied various interconnection networks. Our final project was an effort towards improvement of the packet mis-sequencing problem in ‘Load Balanced Birkhoff-von Neumann Switch’. Here is the report (PDF) and the presentation slides (PPT)