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Miscellaneous20 Oct 2005 11:15 pm

tomar onek bhalo laga tomar doure chola jibon ami mitthe bhalo thaki … amar bhindeshi tara tomar onno parai bari ami paina chhute tomai amar ekla lage bhari. … mon manena brishti holo khub kal shara rat dubo nodir teere ami tomar shopne paowa angul sporsho kori joler odhikare…

Code and Software18 Oct 2005 07:22 pm

Consider this situation: You are living in an apartment with two/three other people and you share the expenses (grocery, electric bill, rent etc) with them. Sometimes you do the grocery, and X pays the rent, and Y pays the cable bill etc etc. Sometimes it becomes a little tedious at the end of the month […]

Miscellaneous11 Oct 2005 10:02 am

This Sunday, we (the UC San Diego Cricket team) had a friendly match with a team from Shakespeare Pub and Grill, San Diego. The match took place at the awesome location in Coronado. It was a fun game. I will post some pictures as soon as I get them. A local newspaper also covered the […]

Car Related and MoBlog09 Oct 2005 01:15 am

Here is a photo of the odometer: Car Related» MoBlog»

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