I am Siddhartha.
Currently I am in Seattle, and I am working at I am working there since July 2006. It has been a good experience so far.
Before joining Amazon, I was a graduate student in the ECE Department of University of California, San Diego. I received my Bachelor’s Degree from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur back in 2002.If you are here looking for my resume, you can find it here.

A lot of things interest me. As an ordinary and normal and non-genius human being, I am not able to pursue all of them. Sometime the prioritization amongst them seems to be the most difficult thing.


On a personal note, my interests lie in a lot of things. I usually love to go hiking, see new places, read, tinker with computers, play computer games, and watch movies, listen to diverse kind of music and a hell lot of other things. Due to my bad habit of procrastinating and the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day, I am not able to do all the things that I would have liked to do all the time. I also like to play cricket (even though I am not a good player) and it’s been few months that I started to learn tennis. I used to play squash too. After I moved to Seattle, my sports activities have dwindled – and I am looking for ways to revive them. If you know a group of people who play cricket, or, if you are interested in some kind of sports, and are looking for a partner/player, please let me know. Sometime back, I had taken a fancy to some kind of dancing – and I had learned a little bit of Salsa.

About this Site

The content management system that I use in this site is WordPress. (WordPress is actually advertised as a blogging tool, but I, along with many people, disagree. WordPress is an awesome simple yet powerful content management system suitable for personal websites.
Most of photos that I display in this site are either taken by me with my favorite Canon PowerShot G3, or by some of my friends.
Recently I upgraded to a Canon EOS 30D with a number of professional lenses. One of these days I will start a photography section in this website.
The icons are not my creation though. Also, the default browser that I use is Firefox (you should too BrowseHappy) and I primarily test my pages on Firefox. They should work on Internet Explorer too, but I definitely recommend using Firefox as the primary browser. There is some use of CSS, PHP, JS in this site, and the primary editor that I have used is gVim.
The site was created in my old laptop (Dell Inspiron 8600) used to run both Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux. I used to run Gentoo Linux before, but after I switched to Ubuntu I was (more or less, but not extremely) happy with the choice. My old laptop has long been decommissioned after a rather sad incident. The current edits are done in my new trusty Thinkpad T60p.
Finally, the photo gallery is powered by GalleryV2.