Recently my blog is becoming a travel journal. Well, it is better than nothing, even though I didnt finish up the writing on the recent trip to Olympic National Park. This is one of my last couple of weekends in Seattle. This is the long weekend of Labor Day. The destination this time is the Crater Lake (along with a few other interesting destinations). I am writing sitting at the back seat of the car. It is about 11:30 in the night on Friday, 2nd September and the drive seems fantastic. Especially since I am relieved of the duty of driving and I am able to watch the crystal clear sky above and the engulfing darkness and the big black evergreen trees on both sides of the road. This is so soothing. Night driving always fascinated me, and this experience is just great. This day so far had been pretty hectic for me. I woke up pretty late as usual. The morning was dull, gloomy and cloudy. I just wished I have a clear weekend. I left from work at 1:30, and started to drive south towards Portland. The plan was that I would reach there before 5 and them we would start from Portland sharply at 5. The road was so crowded. The bad traffic took me over four hours to cover the 190 miles. As a consequence, we were late in starting. We are almost there now. We will camp at the Mazama village campground tonight and we will hike around the place all day tomorrow.
We: Sudipta, Vishal, Matteo and me.

~ Siddhartha Saha

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