This had been an awesome summer for me. Much better than the last one. The work was nice but not killing, I had plenty of free time and I did a lot of things that I haven’t done before: including (but not limited to) Sailing, White Water Rafting, Going to a concert, Going to a live music recording, Seeing several shows where local bands played, Playing softball, Owning a car, Watching a drawbridge go up, Learning Salsa, Poker and a hell lot of other stuff – some really trivial and some quite significant.
Anyway, thanks a ton to Jennifer for being such a nice roommate and landlady. She also taught me a lot of things – starting from how to mow a lawn (as well as start the lawnmower) and ending in how to change the tire of the car in case I have a flat.I wish her alll the best in her life and I hope to see her again sometime soon.
I started my drive back to San Diego today and this is a last glimpse of this beautiful city from my cellphone while I was driving.
Goodbye Seattle.


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