The night in the motel was really comfortable. I was tired as hell and I slept really well. I made a glass of coffee for myself for the road and started at around 10:30am. After 10 miles or so I reached highway 101 and continued south. I crossed the awesome 4 mile long bridge in Astoria (I have posted a cell phone photo of that bridge earlier). The bridge is exactly 4 miles – my trip odometer reading went from XX08.6 to XX11.6. Anyway, after that I continued south – the drive was slow and tedious with numerous narrow stretchs and winding turns and ridiculously slow speed zones. But at times the view was rewarding. I stopped for a short walk in the Cannon Beach. I also stopped at several viewpoints and took quite a few photographs. It was pretty. I cannot write much about it, you have to see to understand the pleasure of driving when on the left side you have high cliffs and in the right side you have the ocean. But off course, it was not like this all the way and the drivin!
g can quickly get boring sometimes (Also I am driving alone – that might be one major source of boredom). I crossed the city of Tilamook on the way. It was a cute little city with large meadows and a lot of cows :). They also have a cheese factory – and I was planning to chekc that out as they have factory tours but time didn’t permit. Instetad I drove throgh the Three Capes Scenic route which was totally worth it. I also stopped at a small state park called Meader Cape. Continuing south I finally reached the Oregon Dunes at sunset. Took a couple of nice sunset photos on the dunes. As it was getting dark there was no point in driving on slow 101. I took 38 and then 138 to come to I-5 and then continues south. Had dinnet at one Applebees. Then took 199 south towards Redwoods National Park. After driving for what it seemed like forever (I crossed Steven’s Pass at night, hence missing the view)I reached Crescent City at about 1:00am. I was thining of camping in the Redwood Park, but after driving on that winding and narrow roads for that long my head was hurting and so I checked into a hotel and went to sleep while watching a movie called ‘Don’t Die Alone’


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