Last December, when I went back to India, I took up this massive project of collecting all the phtographs from all my old albums and scan them and bring the scanned version with me and organize them and put them up in my web gallery. The scanning part was done back in December/January and I had all the digitized photos with me. But after coming back to US, the second part of the plan didn’t quite work out. Mainly because I didn’t have a laptop for a long time, and my site was somewhat broken – a lot of things were not working. On top of that, I exhausted my web quota (only 5GB) with my previous host.

Now as I have moved to new host, and these days have some time on my hand – I decided to continue with the second part. I spend about two hours today organizing the photos and now the photos are being uploaded to the site as I type.

… now I am feeling a little bit good about myself :)

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