Today I finally moved to a new host. I haven’t still switched the DNS – will do that soon. The new host is PowWeb. I think I got a really good deal. The site manager of the previous host Ace-Host was cPanel and it was really good. The only problem was that they were sometimes slow. The primary reason that I switched was that I ran out of space there. I had only 5gb, and I have way too many photos in my photo album.
The transition experience to this new host was good. In between these two hosts, I tried one more: StartLogic, and they were the worst. I had a tough time transferring the database. The site manager software is a little lame as compared to cPanel (they use vDeck). I couldn’t find any straightforward method to import an sql database dump. Something would always be messed up.
Anwyasy… I need to tweak this host and this installation of wordpress and gallery. I will switch the DNS sometime tomorrow.

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