I have been procastinating a lot – for several weeks. I reserved this domain name and this webspace around a month back – and I still do not have a working site… well, fully working site. On the face of it, this does not look a difficult task. You can build a good enough site with any decent webpage making tools in a matter of few hours. I have done that before. But I tried to do something different this time. I thought this is a really good opportunity for me to learn something about CSS, PHP and all that. So I chose a content management system WordPress, and that turned out to be a really nice decision for me. It took quite some time to dive deep into everything, but finally it seems that the work is paying off. I learned a lot of stuff. I did not know anything about CSS before – and now I know quite a lot. I knew a little PHP, but never have used it before.
Lastly, kudos to the people at WP. You are the best.
Well, I spent around 8-9 hours over the last two days on a local copy of this website on my laptop. I still need to do a lot of things – but hopefully I will finish them sometime in near future.