For the first 24 years in my 25 year old life, I have never tried to set my foot on a dance floor. Or to rephrase it, while I was India, I did not have the social opportunity to try out these things. It all changed few months back when in UCSD I registered for a beginners lesson in ballroom dancing. As an inevitable consequence to the 24 years of inaction, I have a very stiff hip and sometimes I have no idea where are my feet going as I take a step. At that time I was desperately trying to find things to do to keep me busy. So registering for the ballroom class was a big step for me. It is not that I learned a lot of things, but the primary lesson that the class taught me is that dancing is fun, is a great way to socialize, meet new people, have some small exercise and least but hardly the least, to have a lot of fun. I have forgotten most of the beginners’ steps in all the dances that I had learned, but I left the class with a remarkably changed opinion on dancing and a few precious friends.
I like salsa and I have to learn that. I stared taking classes here in Seattle. After dabbling with the idea for some time, I went to the Century Ballroom tonight to practice a little – and I am really glad that I did. There are a lot of good salsa dancers around here – it sometimes just gets overwhelming, especially for me as I am supposed to lead and I am just a beginner. But people are nice and helpful – which makes the experience even more worthwhile. I met a couple of wonderful persons tonight.
All in all, I had a great evening and my stance on dancing being a good way to spend time and socialize got even more strengthened.

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