The purpose of this post is two folds. First, I want to check the trackback feature out. (Yes, even though some people, maybe mistakenly, think that I am a geek – I have never known the existence of trackback and pingback even a few days earlier). So Sagnik, you are hereby bestowed with the unique honor of being the writer of the first post which I am sending a trackback from one of my, hmm.. well…. rare, posts.

Second, that was a hilarious document – as usual from Sagnik. Here is a link to that post.. And oh boy, the phrase Been there, Done that never seemed so appropriate. Embarrassment, Embarrassment and even some more Embarrassment are the only things that I recall from those moments when I would stand there amongst a plethora of bright colored clothes, clueless and all the clocks/watches around me would have stopped ticking. And if you think the experience at Gap/Forever 21/Express (I think Sagnik visits these stores quite often) is the end-of-the-world kind, well I think you are mistaken. I had once been to Victoria’s Secret alone and actually had bought something from there. I never wished I were invisible in my entire life… (you can guess, can you not?)

~ To Mankind