I am here in Seattle for three weeks now. I am currently doing an internship at Amazon.com. I will be here till mid-September, before I go back to San Diego. My life has seen several changes over the past few months. Sometimes it feels like I am starting a whole new episode of my life once again. Sometime it hurts, sometime all I want is to go back and hang on to the last bits and pieces that is left and try to fit all the scattered pieces in place like a big jigsaw puzzle. Then as the final image gradually begins to appear, the state of my life as it was a few months ago, it reminds me of all the painful moments which forced me to make a few strong decisions which changed it all.

Hmm … I just read the paragraph that I just wrote – and to me it sounds like the beginning of a cheesy suspense thriller where the protagonist says something about his past live before moving into action. Anyway, I won’t change it. I will post this as it is.

I changed my blog’s heading. It is not view of the world from a lazy mind anymore. It is more related to my life and my world as I see it. I am quite lonely here. And in general, even though I have a lot of acquaintances, I never known many people who actually care about me. But I do have all this pensive moments and thoughts which I do not want to lose. The fact that I am not a great talker, in addition to the fact that I hardly have anybody to talk to, makes it really difficult for me to communicate verbally with people. So I figured that I am going to write. The new blog title ‘My Life – My Thoughts – My Words’, seems a little naïve, but I am going to live with that for now.