Probably I should start writing once again. At least that would make me do something constructive. I am going through a tough time these days. This quarter I am taking three quite heavyweight courses – and as a result I hardly have any time to devote to research. Naturally, my progress in the research front has stalled for some time now. The very little free time that I have for me now is usually spent in either browsing random sites in the Internet, trying to configure my Linux desktop to make it more beautiful or watching some episodes of FRIENDS. Every time I feel depressed, this is one sitcom that I find does have the potential to cheer me up – albeit maybe only for half an hour or so.

Last to last week, I lost my cellphone. I would rather say that it was stolen. I was in the RIMAC gym in UCSD. I was running on the treadmill. After I was done, I left the phone on the treadmill, (by mistake) and went to the weight racks. After 15 minutes or so, I remembered that I had left my phone on the treadmill – so I went there only to find the phone is gone. I went to the front desk immediately hoping that somebody might have turned it in – but there was no phone. I tried to call my phone from the front desk, but to my utter surprise I found that the phone is off the network (which implies it had been turned off by that time – considering that the signal in the weight room in RIMAC is quite good). So, I was without any phone for almost one week. I also had an insurance on that phone, but when I called up the insurance company I learned that my coverage ended last September. So I had to take a new phone. Being a self proclaimed tech-savvy as I am (with very shallow pockets mind you) I decided to give myself a birthday gift. So, I went to the cingular store next weekend, and got a Motorola MPX220 – a Windows smartphone which set me back by around 300$. It was a momentary impulse – as later I reviewed my financial condition and decided to return the phone. But gradually I am loving the phone and now I am not sure what I am going to do. Well, I have another 2-3 weeks to decide as I have a thirty day return period.

Then my watch stopped working – and I had to order one from Amazon.

… I will continue later … now it is almost 3:18AM, and I have a class tomorrow morning….