What can I say? I, being an avid Computer Games enthusiast, absolutely detested the game Resident Evil, and never could play it for more than 5 minutes, and still I watched this *obvious* sequel to a movie which everybody in my social and friend circle have rejected with just one word: “pathetic”.

Well, I liked the first movie. (If it is still not clear to you, I have a strange taste in movies, I admit). It was exsessively gory and gut wrenching at times, but overall I liked it. And that was the primary reason behind my watching the sequel. (The secondary being the trailers with some nice action sequences with scantily clad Milla Jovovich.)

But this movie, to me, was kind of disappointing. It was gory, sickening, (as expected).. and I did not like it. ( and even after trying hard, i cannot remember why I liked the first one). There were just too many zombies, story was weaker than expcted and I will think twice before wasting my time on the third sequel.. (the ending of this one clears the pathway for another sequel).

It reminds me of the Alien series – painfully elongated over a bunch of sequels.

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