Hmm.. I think I sohuld mention this. I have this really big collection of old hindi MP3s, mostly from IITK. And they are completely unsorted, without any tag of any kind. For the last one year I had been planning to sort and tag them properly, but never had the enthu/time. There were just too many MP3s. Few days back, I came across this site EarthMusic, and an idea-bulb lit inside my head.

And the result:

#include “disclaimer.h”


2. (and as a helper, I took this file TableThing off the net).

Works beautifully (At least for me). To use

1. Have perl and wget installed.

2. For perl, we need MP3::Tag module also.

3. Put the file in the same dir with (or in the perl modules dir)

Then Run:

./ filename

It searches for the song info using the words from the filename. So, the filename should be close to the song title.

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