Well, the summer is almost over, and the classes begin from this Thursday. As I look back on my life for the last three months, it was rather slow. I had a few some goals set up for me, but I have to admit that I hardly fulfilled any of them. This is embarrassing to say the least. I had started this blog in the lazy days of the summer, and honestly speaking, on those days I was becoming little bit lazy. Needless to say, hence the title of this blog. Anyway, those peaceful summer days have gone, and a new quarter begins this Thursday. I will be taking three courses, though I am registered for four as of now. I am not feeling good about life these days. The research during the summers was not quite successful. There were more than enough problems in other fronts of life too. But for the last few days I am getting the feel of an increased pace of life, and I am sure that will go on in an increasing note for the next few months. I had a good enough summer hibernation – now it is time for work.

On a different note, watched few more movies for the last few days, but I was somehow not in the mood of writing anything. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow was quite an above average movie – especially when you consider the making of the movie. Watched a couple of hindi movies too – what was its name.. yeah – Flavors. OMG. I was feeling so humiliated – in a swift stroke our value in the Indian nuptial market as a handsome prospective husband working in America and earning in dollars was cut in half (or maybe even one-fourth for that matter).

Anyway, I feel the increase of pace in my life, and I just have to ride along the wave….