Yet another bad movie. Very Very bad movie. Too many casts, too many loosely wound plotlines, slow, unnecessarily gory, not a bit entertaining, forcefully inserted sleazy song+dange sequence…. and I feel bad that I wasted over two hours on this movie on this beautiful saturday afternoon. Even sleeping would have been more worthwhile….

Neha Dhupia (the Julie girl) cannot act. Period. But other than that I have no complaints over acting though. Sanjay Dutt is good. Bipasa Basu is not bad either. But the main drawback of this movie is the uneven sluggish pace and introduction of unnecessary subplots, twists. Yana Gupta appears for one dance sequence (which had no connection with the movie whatsoever), and one 5 word dialog … and that coreography was the promotional number for the movie. The only thing that impresses me in this movie is the acting of Sunil Shetty. Dino Morea did a good job of acting also.

Final thought, it could have been a real good movie had it been a litle more clean. I know 95% of Indians will not agree with me on my comments of the appearance of Abhishek, Yena just for one song (why the hell is there so many dance sequence anyway? Why don’t they make video albums.. why on movies?)… but this is my personal view. (Don’t question me if I dislike them that much, why do I see it… well, I have my own time to kill :D )

Now I am going to write the gentoo guide that I am thinking of writing for the past few weeks…