So my coveted Mobility Radeon 9600 with 128 MB RAM started to slip into oblivion as the new 9800 pops up…

On a separate note, anybody with a ATI graphics card, and wanting to make his(her) hand a little dirty by tweaking the new driver, can have a go at it. This excellent guide is a definite read.

This is from anadtech:

For those of you willing to get your hands a little bit dirty, you can use the official Catalysts and do your own tweaking. There are several benefits to this: it lets you choose your own level of performance and image quality. It lets you see what tweaks are being applied. It lets you troubleshoot problems and resolve graphical anomalies. So in a nutshell it lets you optimize and stabilize the official drivers to suit your system perfectly. This guide covers such tweaks and optimizations, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

This guide is more than just about how to perform a few advanced tweaks with the Catalysts. Whether you use the official Catalysts or the Omega drivers, this guide will help you out. It covers the entire driver installation, setup, troubleshooting and tweaking process from start to finish. From descriptions of important video-related BIOS settings to advice on what other drivers are necessary for optimal graphics performance, how to install and set everything up, how to clean your machine out of older drivers and devices, benchmarking, overclocking and easy-to-understand descriptions of graphics options such as Triple Buffering and Temporal Antialiasing. All this in one place for ATI users, and heck even Nvidia users will benefit from many of the descriptions and information in this guide!

So far so good…

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